New Year’s Resolutions 2016


As I look back over 2015, I am pretty happy with the year. My business did better then it ever has and I have more focus for 2016 in regards to that.

I travelled a lot, both with my family and without. Mike and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Kona, Hawaii which was a dream destination for me. I visited Cancun with my entire family thanks to my Dad; we went to Whistler a few times, Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Osoyoos, BC in the Okanagan, Harrison Hot Springs, Las Vegas with just Mike and then Turks & Caicos with my sister, Klaudia. Travel solely for work included Toronto, Sturgeon Fishing in the Fraser Valley and Montreal which were all fun and interesting experiences.

But there is always room to improve, so I am documenting my New Year’s Resolutions here.

Make Being Active a Habit.

I’m not a fan of exercise. I have never been. But this past Fall I got my sh*t together and did the elliptical for 2km everyday (or nearly) for six weeks straight. It didn’t change the number on the scale but it made me feel good, like an outlet for stress, like I keep hearing it’s supposed to do. I want to get back on this bandwagon for my health. (And let’s face it, I’d love to lose these holiday pounds in the process!)

Eat Healthy.

I always go through periods of eating well and then eating whatever I want (read: fast food burgers, ice cream etc) for a while. In the New Year, I’d like to make it more healthy, less junky for the majority of the day. I’m a lover of “everything in moderation”, I just need to get back to that again – more moderation.

Work 8 hour Days.

With the girls all in school full-time I can work about five-ish hours per day, but I need to get back to working after they go to sleep at night or fitting in some focus time somewhere else. Some days it’ll be at 6am and some days at 8pm.

Read. Every day.

I used to love to read. Somewhere over the past few years I gave it up for TV or work and I want it back. Reading fiction for relaxation and non-fiction for growth is a priority for me this year.


I plan to make time to colour, make something or meditate every day.

Happy New Year and CHEERS to 2016!

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