5 Chrome Extensions Every Blogger Needs

Are you a blogger? Do you use Chrome? You should be.

When you get Chrome, do some exploring in the extensions (in the Window menu, select Extensions).

“Chrome Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser.”

The icon of the extension appears on your browser toolbar once you’ve installed it within your Chrome as shown here:


google chrome extensions

Here are five extensions you must install immediately.

5 Chrome Extensions Bloggers Need

Google Analytics

Did you already know about the Google Analytics Chrome Extension? It will change your life, I guarantee it.

What this extension does is allow you to find out your statistics on ANY page on your website. Simply by clicking the button while you’re on the post you want to view stats for. No more searching for specific post URLs in Google Analytics’ dashboard. It will look like this along the top of your screen:

google analytics


You can share and schedule tweets (and other social network shares) directly from your post. Yes, all you do is click the little Hootsuite button in your browser and schedule from there. It inserts the Hootsuite ow.ly link automatically for you (linking to the page you’re on when you click the Hootsuite button).

Social Analytics

You can view social shares (Facebook, Twitter, etc) for any website or page on the internet, again like the Google Analytics extension – it’s a game changer. Especially if you’re tracking any site in addition to your own.


This extension checks your spelling and grammar on all sites you visit. Facebook, writing a blog post, crafting a tweet or email – all of it. It will underline spelling and grammar errors for you always – no need to spell check or worrying about sending an email with terrible grammar in your next big pitch.


The Pinterest extension allows you to pin to your carefully curated boards at any time from any site. Simple as that!

So are you using Chrome yet? Get to it!

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